Arvid Nilsson Business Policy

Arvid Nilsson aims to be the leading supplier of fasteners and our customers preferred partner. Qualified employees, reliable processes and an efficient supply chain forms the basis for delivering quality products to our customers. Our focus is on the customer and we continuously work on improving our business operations.

Our objective is to generate profitable growth while promoting a sustainable development and protecting resources for future generations. We are continuously working to improve our environmental performance and in particular we have focus on the challenge of reducing adverse impacts from transportation. This is an ongoing effort to minimize emissions and prevent pollution.

We create an attractive and healthy working environment through training, challenging work assignments and ongoing workplace assessments. Illness, injuries, accidents and health risks are prevented by integrating health and safety aspects in all our processes. We advocate that all individuals are equal and all our relations are characterized by mutual respect. Trust is one of our main values and forms the basis for our cooperation with employees, customers and suppliers.

We comply with customer requirements, applicable standards, legal and other requirements that society places on us. We demand that our suppliers in addition to specified requirements comply with applicable legal requirements and demonstrate social and environmental responsibility.

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